Suma Multipurpose Cleaner D2.3

Suma Multipurpose Cleaner D2.3

Suma Bac D10

Detergent disinfectant in SmartDose (2 x 1.4 L)
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Suma Bac D10 is a concentrated detergent disinfectant for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in food premises.

Key properties

Suma Bac D10 is a concentrated liquid detergent disinfectant which cleans and disinfects all surfaces in one step. The product is suitable for all surfaces in food premises. The combination of QAC, sequestrant and the buffer system makes this product very effective against a wide range of micro-organisms, in all water conditions. The formulation also contains surfactants, which makes the product suitable for one-step cleaning and disinfection.


  • One product to clean and disinfect
  • Cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling
  • Effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms, helping to improve hygiene security
  • Effective in all water conditions
  • Convenient and controlled dosing through the SmartDose system
  • Part of 2 product offer in SmartDose for all your main kitchen cleaning tasks

Use instructions

The SmartDose dosing system can be used for controlled dosing into a spray bottle or bucket

Spray cleaning and disinfection:

  1. Fill spray bottle with 750 ml water
  2. Turn yellow head to bottle position: pull the head up, then push down to dispense chemical. Shake bottle gently before use
  3. Spray surfaces
  4. Leave for at least 30 seconds then wipe surface
  5. Rinse food contact surfaces thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry

A made up, ready-to-use solution of the product in a spray bottle will be active for up to seven days. Rinse and dry bottle before refilling. 

General cleaning and disinfection:

  1. Start filling bucket with water
  2. Turn yellow head to bucket position: pull head up, then push down whilst filling bucket to 7L
  3. Apply solution with cloth or brush
  4. Leave for at least 30 seconds then wipe surface
  5. Rinse food contact surfaces thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry

For heavily soiled areas, pre-clean surfaces using Suma Multipurpose Cleaner D2.3



 Amount of RTU   solution   (liters/pack)

 Number of   fillings

 2x1,4L   bottle



 Per   bottle

 Per unit

 Per   1.4L     bottle

 Per unit

 Spray   bottle

 13 g/L

 105 L

 210 L




 10 g/L

1 40 L

 280 L




Technical data

Appearance                             clear purple liquid

pH neat                                    10.5 to 11.0

Relative density (20 o C)         1.05

These figures are typical values and should not be interpreted as specifications

Safe handling and storage information

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

Store in original container. Never store pack upside down. Avoid extremes of temperature.

Product compatibility

Under recommended conditions of use, Suma Bac D10 is suitable for use on most materials commonly encountered in the kitchen.

Microbiological data

Suma Bac D10 passed EN 1276 at a dilution of 1 % in hard water (300ppm as CaCO3) and in dirty conditions (0.3% bovine albumin), 5 mins contact time.

Suma Bac D10 showed effective inactivation against Avian influenza virus in the EN14476 test at following concentrations and exposure times:

  • Clean conditions: 1% at 5 mins
  • Dirty conditions: 1% 10 mins


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