Madad's payment methods

Wallet (the default payment method)

In cooperation with National Commercial Bank (NCB), each buyer gets assigned an IBAN that is linked to their wallet within Madad Marketplace (the website), upon account creation. Please top up your wallet using the provided IBAN before purchasing your needed supplies. It may take a few hours for the amount to be reflected on your account. If the money was transferred after 3 pm, it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be credited with the amount. Your wallet balance is shown in the top navigator, and now you can enjoy shopping using your wallet.

Only verified buyers can enjoy purchasing their goods using the other payment methods: Cash on Delivery and Credit Purchase.

Cash on Delivery & Credit Purchase

Once you verify your account, Cash on Delivery and Credit Purchase payment methods will be available to you depending on whether the seller provides them or not. You will simply be able to choose the payment method you desire for each product you buy before you add it to cart.

Delivery Code

Once the order is placed using any of the 3 payment methods, a delivery code will be sent to you via email for each order you placed. Please provide this code to the seller once the order is delivered as a proof of delivery. For example, if you purchase your needed supplies from 3 different sellers, you will receive 3 different delivery codes each linked to an order number. So please make sure you provide the correct delivery code to the seller when receiving your goods.